Douro Wine Region

Private and scheduled trip according to the interest and availability of each person, from 3 to 6 days.



Private and scheduled trip according to the interest and availability of each person, from 3 to 6 days, in an exclusive boat, of incomparable comfort, by the Douro region, experiencing what is most characteristic, from the terraces and vineyard to the regional products, with wine tasting, tasting typical local delicacies (Yacht Basket) and handicrafts; discovering on the cruise the timeless features of our UNESCO World Heritage region.
Beginning at the mouth of the river Douro, sighting of the river, the walls and bridges crossing the river towards Vila Nova de Gaia, with historical representation of the different phases and main events that marked the life of this whole region to Vila de Barca de Alva.

Truly breathtaking landscapes that change as you pass each of the dams, Crestuma – Lever with 65 meters in height, Carrapatelo with 57 meters in height and Bagauste – Régua with 41 meters in height.
Regional Douro Meal: Roasted lamb with baked rice, traditional custard and wine of the region.
Sleeping on board, with air conditioning, full bathroom, lounge and fully equipped kitchen, television in all rooms, or in 4 * Hotel.

Off the boat (visit)

City of Peso da Régua

Located in the center of the region, between Oporto and Pocinho, it’s a land of relevant people in Portugal history, such as Ferreirinha and the house she founded, João de Araújo Correia or Antão de Carvalho. It is, as they say, the capital of the Douro Wine Region.
Due to its exquisite beauty it is a mandatory stop, in consideration for the History of the Douro.
Points to visit: The Douro Museum, the Port Wine Manor and Casa do Douro.

Town of Pinhão

The charming Vila do Pinhão, located between the Douro River and the Pinhão River is one of the most picturesque Portuguese towns. Feel home with charming and extremely hospitable people, an hallmark of all this region.
Its history, always linked to the Port wine due to its strategic location, has made it an important commercial gateway, ensuring the access of the wine to Oporto and then to the whole world.

Visit to the wine village of Provesende (*)

The village of Provesende is located in the county of Sabrosa, on the north bank of the Douro River, about 10 km from Pinhão – private transport by the valley, along the N323 national road, to this village, located on a plateau with privileged views over the Douro Vinhateiro.
In the year 2001, Provesende was classified, along with 5 other villages, as Wine Village of the Douro, integrating a program of requalification and valorization of the ancient wine culture.
Its houses emblazoned, some of them recovered that enrich the patrimony of the village, together with the Church, the Fontanário and the Pelourinho.

Vila de Barca de Alva

The almond blossom is one of its most characteristic images, and it is a must visit during the month of February to watch one of the most spectacular natural spectacles in Portugal. But apart from the almond trees, Barca de Alva, which was the refuge of Guerra Junqueiro, Portuguese poet and writer, stands out for other fruit trees, such as its orange trees and olive trees. It delimits the border of Portugal, next to Spain and is inserted in the Natural Park of the International Douro. It was erected on the port side of the river Douro, along the line defined by the Águeda river to the east, and the construction of the river wharf and the proximity to Spain brought a new dynamic to the village.

Wineries of Wine Production

It is mandatory to visit one of the farms where Port Wine and Douro table wine is produced.
This will be, along with the boat trip on the river, one of the highlights and a must for those who make a trip in Douro Wine Region.
During the stay in the Pinhão region, some of the farms that we consider the most relevant of any itinerary will always be identified.

Panoramic Roads

From the river, we will see the National Road 222 which was considered, by AVIS, World Best Driving Road. This road embraces and crosses the right bank of the Douro, flanked by vertiginous slopes filled with vineyards. The views over the river and the whole wine area is lovely and leaves no one indifferent.

Douro Line

From Peso da Régua, this railway line follows the river, flanked by it, sometimes less than 10 meters from the water.

We will continue, quietly and serenely by it side, sighting the centuries-old stone bridges, endless vineyards and the river. Train stations covered in tiles that take us to other times and to the origins of the region and the birth of this nectar. Why not give it a try.

Inevitable Stop

In several unique river beaches where we can refresh in the river, like Porto de Rei and Ilha dos Amores (Love Island).

Option of renting bikes to ride at the stopping points, with our partner

Price on request (minimum 4 person, per day), with sleeping on board and sailor / guide, insurance and Yacht Cabaz (typical regional delicacies).

Boarding (departure and return) Marina de Angra do Douro. Or according to the number of days: Afurada – Barca de Alva. Return and landing at Regua with transfer to Oporto.

Note: Possibility of running for groups up to 10 people and bike rides (ask for budget).


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